Phase I: Start Up

    I recently started my own business and am most concerned with cash flow and protecting my family and business.

    If you’re just starting out, you’re probably concerned with issues that involve cash flow as well as strategies to help protect your family and business.
    Retirement Choices of California (RCC) life insurance products offer you the flexibility you need to handle both.

    Phase II: Growth & Maturity

    I have been operating my business for some time now and am more concerned with my retirement needs and having the flexibility to access money
    when necessary.

    If your business is already growing strong and maturing, RCC can help you begin to focus on retirement planning and maintaining flexibility to
    access money if necessary.

    Phase III: Succession Planning

    I’m most concerned about business succession and estate planning.

    If you’re getting ready to retire and pass your business onto the next generation, RCC offers life insurance products that can be an important part of
    your estate and business plans.

    For more information about why it’s important for you to have a business continuation plan in place and how you can help protect your family and
    business with a buy-sell agreement and key employee insurance, click on the following links:

    * Business Continuation Planning
    * Buy-Sell Agreement
    * Key Employee Insurance
    * Employee Benefits
    * Worksite Marketing

    For more information and help with your business planning needs, contact an RCC representative.
Business Phase
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