Retirement Choices of California (RCC) a comprehensive financial services firm committed to helping our clients improve their long-term financial
    success.  RCC offers a wide range of products and services with extensive retirement planning  tools for individuals and families. We also offer
    College Planning, Mortgage Planning, and Estate Planning.

    Life Insurance Strategies       
    Life insurance focuses on helping to protect and transfer the wealth you have accumulated in other investment activities.

    Life Event Strategies
    The following life events can be a good time to make an initial purchase or review your current coverage.

           Event                                                                                         Action
    Home purchase or home improvement                Cover mortgage and/or home equity loan
    Birth/adoption of a child                                          Cover increased family daily income needs and new debts
    New job                                                                     Replace any group coverage gaps and increase your coverage amount for your new salary
    Marriage                                                                   Review needs for income, estate, and home expenses
    College education planning                                    Cover future college expenses
    Estate planning                                                        Cover funeral and estate expenses
    Semi-annual financial planning                               Review current coverage

       Learn how purchasing
life insurance is an important strategic step in protecting you and your family.
       Protection and Wealth Transfer Strategies

    Replacing lost income
    You are your family's greatest asset. A sudden loss of income could place unnecessary hardship on your family. Consider the lifetime earnings
    potential of some hypothetical households:

    Estimated career earnings at age 65*

    Current Age         After-tax                   After-tax                      After-tax
                             Annual Salary         Annual Salary              Annual Salary
                                 $50,000                 $100,000                     $200,000          
    35                      $2,378,771              $4,757,542                 $9,515,083
    45                      $1,343,519              $2,687,037                 $5,374,075
    55                         $573,194               $1,146,388                 $2,292,776

    * Figures represent the estimated cumulative salary earnings at age 65 of an annual salary which grows by 3% per year.

    When buying life insurance to replace lost income, there's no substitute for a thorough analysis of your personal situation.  Retirement Choices of
    California can help you decide on an adequate level of life insurance protection.

    Proceeds from your life insurance policy are not generally subject to income tax and the full-face amount of your policy is paid directly to your
    beneficiaries. Learn about how proper Estate Planning, can help you and your family develop a solid plan.  Estate taxes may apply to insurance
    proceeds. Consult a financial or tax advisor for your specific financial situation.

    Real estate protection
    Ensure that you have enough insurance to cover any mortgages or home equity loans. Typically enough insurance is purchased to pay off the
    principal amount of the loans, not future interest, Learn how at Mortgage Planning.

    Protect savings and investments
    Help preserve your savings and investments and help your family keep up with current and future living expenses.

    College planning
    As college costs continue to rise, the need for a plan becomes more and more important. Learn about how Protecting Your College Plan with  Life
    Insurance can help cover college tuition.

    Always consult your estate planner or tax advisor when making estate planning decisions.
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