Ensure Your Family Can Stay in Their Home

    According to the latest census, the average mortgage on a new home in 2009 was over $245,000.1 What’s the balance on
    your mortgage? Is your family prepared should the unthinkable happen?

       We work with many carriers which offer dependable products which can help make certain that the funds are in place to keep your family in
    your home.

  The death benefit is generally free from federal income tax.
  Available in coverage levels of $100,000 and up.
  Available in 10, 15, 20 and 30-year2 terms, so it can match your mortgage schedule.
  Payments are guaranteed to remain the same throughout the term you choose.
  Includes an Accelerated Benefit Rider that lets you use a portion of the death benefit to cover any cost if you become terminally ill.
  You can also have enough money left over from the death benefit to create a fund for future expenses, such as retirement planning.
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