Rollover Services
    If you choose to rollover your 401k, 403b, 457 or other retirement plan into an IRA, a BCM financial advisor will help you select a diversified portfolio
    based on your specific situation and investment objectives

    To begin the rollover process, there would be a conversation between you and a BCM financial advisor and a series of questions would be asked
    in order to gain an in depth understanding of your circumstances.  Contact Us.

    Determining your investment objectives for your 401k rollover into an IRA
    One of the most important questions will be to determine your retirement objectives for your new IRA. For example, if you are retiring or nearing
    retirement you are most likely primarily concerned with preserving and protecting the value of your rollover and/or receiving monthly income.
    Conversely, if you have many years before retirement you probably are more concerned with selecting investments that can provide you with long
    term growth.  There are very specific criteria and a stringent selection process that a RCC specialist will use to determine which product is most
    appropriate for you.

    How Can RCC Help You?
    Retirement Choices of California (RCC) is experienced in helping individual investors rollover their retirement plan from a previous employer to an
    IRA and we welcome the opportunity for you to speak to a RCC specialist to learn more about the rollover services we provide to our clients.
    Contact Us.

Rollover Services        
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